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BoulderSaimaa climbing centre offers high-quality and easily accessible climbing experiences in new indoor premises right beside Lappeenranta Airport. At the centre, you can challenge yourself physically and mentally with boulder climbing. No reservations are needed to get started. Before they can begin, visitors are instructed on safety precautions during their first visit.

Bouldering is an ideal hobby for young and old alike, but under-18s must have the consent of a guardian. BoulderSaimaa’s rules can be read HERE.

What’s bouldering?

Bouldering is low-threshold climbing without the hassle of large amounts of equipment that is typical of rope climbing. A short route is packed with all the best parts of climbing. In addition to being physically demanding, bouldering requires good problem-solving skills, technical ability, and steady nerves. Many consider bouldering a very efficient and highly varied form of exercise. Above all, in the right company it’s super fun. Come and see for yourself!


Tuomikatu 26
Tel.: +358 (0)40 630 4010
email. info(at) Instagram


Opening hours:

Mon - Fri 15-21
Sat & Sun 12-18

For exceptional opening hours, see our Facebook page.



Single ticket 10€

Under 15s
Single ticket 7€

Shoe rental

Click here for a more detailed pricelist!